Wednesday, January 6, 2016

best whatsapp puzzles

guess this amount how many rupees

99% people fail to answer this simple question
Guess The amount.? Calculate !

Boy har roz pehanta hai

ऐसी कौन सी चीज है जिसे 
�� Boy  हर रोज पहनता है,
�� Girl  साल मे एक बार पहनती है .
देखते है इस group मे कौन होशियार है .


Here is a list showing the month and a number for each month . 
☝January 715
☝February 824
☝March 537
☝ April 547
☝May 359
☝June 468
☝July 478
☝ August 686

⚡Decipher the logic and find the number for September = ? 
��Challenge is O P E N for all GENIUS��


>>There are 8 brothers in an island.
Each one has got a work to do:-
1. Cooking
2. Washing clothes
3. Playing tennis
4. Dancing
5. Singing
6. Playing instrument
7. Skating
8. What he will do?

>>A detective who was mere days away from cracking 
an international oil smuggling ring has suddenly gone missing.
While inspecting his last-known location, 
officers find a note:

710 57735 34 5508 51 7718

Currently there are 3 suspects:
Bill, John, and Todd.

Can you break the detective's code
and find the criminal's name?

***if you want to know answers then comment.

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